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Ceramic Nozzles at Great Prices!
5 to 15 Times
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Look at the Facts

    Ceramic Nozzles Can Last…◊ 28 times longer than Brass
◊ 18 times longer than Zytel Plastic
◊ 15 times longer than Stainless Steel
◊ 5 times longer than Kermatal Plastic

Better Drift Control with All MagnoJet Nozzles!

pre-orificeAll MagnoJet Nozzles Are “Pre-Orifice”
This technology, while more expensive to build, increases nozzle life and reduces drift hazards. MagnoJet’s pre-orifice and ceramic nozzles are the best nozzles available!

Removable ceramic pre-orifices — Easy cleaning and lowered drift!

A pre-orifice, or metering orifice, is an inlet opening that is a little smaller than the tip outlet. The pressure or psi is held at the pre-orifice and reduces the pressure on the outlet orifice by a very small amount. This reduces the wear on the outlet orifice and reduces the finer droplets in the spray pattern. The pre-orifice design has become the predominate method of manufacturing high quality nozzles.

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The Advantages of Ceramics For Agricultural Spraying

With all the advanced technology being used on our farms today it is time that spray nozzles catch up. Ceramic spray nozzles have been around a long time but they are not being utilized as they should, especially in the US. A large percentage of farmers are using GPS guidance systems on their tractors, sprayers and combines. These systems can place seeds, herbicides, insecticides and fertilizer accurately… to within fractions of an inch. And yet our expensive sprayers are still being set up with spray nozzles that only last from 200 to 500 acres before they should be replaced with new nozzles. This even makes less sense when you factor in the average size and high number of acres the American farmer is now spraying.

Long Wear Life

Ceramic Spray Nozzles

Widest Variety of Ceramic Nozzles

One of the main considerations when purchasing a self-propelled sprayer is tank capacity because the tanks determines the number of acres that can be sprayed before having to stop and reload. Why not look at nozzle capacity in the same way… only without anywhere near the investment?

Simply put, if you can spray 100 acres with Stainless Steel, then you should be able to spray 400 or 500 acres with HD Plastic. If you can spray 400 acres with HD Plastic, you should be able to spray 1600 acres or more with Ceramic!! Just the down time to change the nozzles with worth great deal.

Better Spray Patterns

As nozzles wear their spray patterns and droplet sizes change and diminishes the effectiveness of the spray. Some experts say that you should change your nozzles after a 10% increase in the flow rate at the same pressure. Replacing nozzles at the optimum time will be several stops for a farmer that tends several thousand acres and sprays his crops several times from planting to harvest.

The problem is, there is always a rain coming, or you only lack one more field, or you have a employee that really doesn’t care if the spray patterns are right or not. Let’s face it, changing nozzles at the right time seldom happens. With ceramic spray nozzles you won’t need to change as often so if you run over the correct replacement time at least it won’t be as often. High quality ceramic spray nozzles can last 1200 to 3000 acres, again depending on several factors such as chemical abrasiveness, pressure, volume, etc.

Save Time Not Changing Nozzles As Often

nozzlesStopping to change nozzles is time consuming and cuts into the productivity of you, your farm workers and your expensive equipment. Time is money and every business, whether farming or not, is constantly seeking ways to do more in less time. Changing nozzles is expensive in many ways.

Your sprayer and personnel need to be in the field working. The time it takes to go to town or to the shop and pickup new nozzles is expensive. The time it takes to physically change each nozzle is expensive. Just like having a large spray tank on your sprayer, having long lasting nozzles is simply a time and expense saver.

Ceramic Nozzles Can Save Chemicals

Chemical costs have gone out the roof. With oil prices going up and regulations getting tighter our farm chemicals have become more expensive and less effective at the same time. Precision spraying methods are more important than ever. And this is why we have seen such a move to technology and GPS guidance. You have to do a very good job of applying your chemicals today or you won’t get even decent results. And poor performance can be devastating to your production in the fall.

Why spray those expensive farm fungicides and insecticides with inferior spray nozzles. It makes no business sense. You are using the very best available in areas such as equipment and the chemical themselves, and yet not utilizing the best nozzles for the job.

Increased Productivity with Better Applications

Everyone agrees that one of the main factors in being profitable, especially during the tough years, is how well your herbicide, pesticide, fungicide, fertilizer, etc. applications have worked. Timing and and the right product are only part of the story. The application being done correctly is vital also.

Using Other Available Ceramic Spray Nozzles

The above savings can also be said for the use of drift control and air induction nozzles. The use of air being pulled into and added to the spray droplets has become an important factor in the spraying of ag chemicals.

Ceramic Air Induction Nozzles

Many researchers say that air induction nozzles will greatly increase the effectiveness of certain farm chemicals. But, at least in some areas of the country, air induction nozzles are not available. These are expensive nozzles, and are not being “pushed” by many sprayer companies, yet are the recommended nozzle of a large number of chemicals.

Using ceramic in the air induction nozzles is even more important than with the other standard type nozzles. The expense of purchasing air induction nozzles is much higher so using ceramic nozzles will make them last a lot longer and, in effect, reduce the overall expense of using them. Thus you can increase your chemical performance with air induction but still hold down the long term costs.

This can all be said of other nozzles such as flood, under-foliage, even spray, twin spray, etc. The more expensive the nozzle is in initial cost, the more important it is to look to the use of ceramic spray nozzles in your operation.

Cone Nozzles and Ceramic

This type of nozzle has been used with ceramic material more than most of the other nozzle types due to the manufacturing and wear problems. A ceramic hollow cone nozzle will dramatically outlast the old, conventional brass hollow cone. In fact many people realized the importance of ceramic because of the hollow cone nozzles years ago.

But there is a difference in the quality of ceramics. MagnoJet uses the purest and best ceramics in their nozzles… all of them. Check out more about MagnoJet and ceramic spray nozzles by following the links included if you would like to know more about the company and its history. High quality ceramic nozzles is what MagnoJet is all about.

ceramic spray nozzles

Ceramic Is The Highest Quality Material Available Today In Spray Nozzles

* Test results from UGA CSEA Publication B1158. Used with permission.